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If you or your loved one was arrested in the greater Kaufman County area in Texas, it is in your best interest to quickly retain legal counsel. Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy aggressively defends residents and visitors in Forney, Terrell, Kaufman, Crandall, and many other surrounding areas of Kaufman County.

Our criminal defense attorneys handle cases in local, state, and federal courts. We can fight to possibly get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kaufman County, Texas

Richard McConathy is an experienced criminal defense attorney who is a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and several other prominent legal organizations. 

Brian Bolton trained police officers how to conduct driving while intoxicated properly (DWI) investigations while he was the Chief Prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy is committed to helping you achieve the most favorable outcome to your case that results in the fewest possible penalties. You can have our lawyers provide a complete evaluation of your case as soon as you call (972) 805-8855 to receive a free initial consultation.

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Common Crimes in Kaufman County, TX

Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy regularly handles many different kinds of criminal cases filed in Kaufman County. Some of the most common charges people face include the following:

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DWI Defense in Kaufman County, Texas

Kaufman County is served by a number of major roadways, including Interstate 20 (I-20), United States Route 80, United States Route 175, Texas State Highway 34, Texas State Highway 205, Texas State Highway 243, Texas State Highway 274, and Texas State Highway Spur 557. Many DWI arrests occur on other local roads in the county such as Broad Street in Forney, Rockwall Avenue in Terrell, and Lewis Street in Crandall.

Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy helps people facing drunk driving charges for the first time as well as alleged repeat offenders. We also handle such DWI-related crimes as intoxication manslaughter, intoxication assault, and open container violations.

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Kaufman County, Texas Court Resources

County Court at Law | Kaufman County — County courts in Texas hear misdemeanor offenses that are punishable by possible jail time. Kaufman County has two county courts. County Court at Law #2 also has its own website.

Kaufman County Courthouse
100 W. Mulberry St.
Kaufman, TX 75142
(972) 932-4331

District Clerk | Kaufman County — Responsibilities of the District Clerk include recording the acts and proceedings of the district court and entering all judgments of the court under the direction of the judge. District courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction that handle felony criminal cases. Kaufman County has two district courts: the 86th District Court and the 422nd District Court.

422nd District Court
100 W. Mulberry St.
Kaufman, TX 75142
(972) 932-0257

86th District Court
100 W. Mulberry St.
Kaufman, TX 75142
(972) 932-0251

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 | Kaufman County — Misdemeanor cases punishable by fines only are handled in the justice of the peace courts. Justices of the peace are divided into four precincts in Kaufman County. All four justice of the peace court websites allow you to pay tickets online.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1
3001 S. Washington St.
Kaufman, TX 75142
(972) 932-9747

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2
200 E. Main
Forney, TX 75126
(972) 564-3786

Justice of the Peace Precinct 3
408 E. College St.
Terrell, TX 75160
(972) 563-9723 

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4
103 N. Main St.
Kemp, TX 75143
(903) 498-8759

Fifth Court of Appeals — Courts of Appeals handle cases appealed from trial courts. Texas has 14 such courts, and the Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas has intermediate appellate jurisdiction of cases appealed from lower courts in Kaufman County as well as five other counties in Texas. On this website, you can search cases, view a court calendar, and learn more about the court’s current justices.

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Law Enforcement Resources in Kaufman County, TX

Kaufman County Sheriff's Office — The mission of the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office is "to be the model of law enforcement excellence by working in partnership with the community and other law enforcement agencies to fight crime and the fear of crime, to enforce the laws while safeguarding the constitutional rights of all people and to provide quality service to all of our residents and visitors." Visit this website to learn more about the agency's core values and field operations units. You can also find information about current inmates, sex offenders, and visitation.

Kaufman County Sheriff's Office
1900 E. U.S. Highway 175
Kaufman, TX 75142
(972) 932-4337

District Attorney | Kaufman County — The district attorney represents the state of Texas in criminal cases, works with law enforcement officers in the investigation and preparation of cases to be heard before the criminal courts, and—when requested—provides legal counsel to county officers. The stated mission of the Kaufman County District Attorney’s Office is "to effectively prosecute those who commit crimes, protect the victims of crime, and make Kaufman County a safer place to live." Visit this website to learn more about some of the other duties of the district attorney.

Kaufman County District Attorney’s Office
100 W. Mulberry St.
Kaufman, TX 75142
(972) 932-4331 ext. 1260

Police Department | Forney, TX — Use this website to read the mission statement, vision statement, and value statements of the Forney Police Department. Learn more about police services and victim assistance. You can also find information about the agency's different divisions and units.

Forney Police Department
110 Justice Center Dr.
Forney, TX 75126
(972) 564-7600

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Areas In and Around Kaufman County

Kaufman County has a number of different cities, towns, villages, and unincorporated communities that people may be arrested in. Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy assists individuals in such communities as:

  • Ables Springs — 75161
  • Abner — 75161
  • Becker — 75142
  • Cartwright — 74731
  • Cedar Grove — 78613
  • Cedarvale — 75142
  • Cobb — 75161
  • College Mound — 75161
  • Colquitt — 75160
  • Combine — 75159
  • Cottonwood — 78657
  • Crandall — 75114
  • Egypt — 77436
  • Elmo — 75118, 75161
  • Forney — 75126
  • Gastonia — 75161
  • Grays Prairie — 75158
  • Heartland — 75126
  • Kaufman — 75142
  • Kemp — 75143
  • Lawrence — 75160
  • Lively — 75143
  • Lone Star — 75668
  • Mabank — 75147
  • Markout — 75126
  • McCoy — 75161
  • Oak Grove — 75142
  • Peeltown — 75158
  • Poetry — 75160
  • Post Oak Bend City — 75142
  • Rosser — 75157
  • Scurry — 75158
  • Stubbs — 75143
  • Styx — 75143
  • Talty — 75126, 75160
  • Terrell — 75160, 75161
  • Travis Ranch — 75126
  • Union Valley — 75189
  • Warsaw — 75142

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Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kaufman County, Texas

Were you recently arrested in Kaufman County? Do not say anything to authorities until you have legal representation.

Contact Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy as soon as possible. Call (972) 805-8855 or fill out an online contact form to have our lawyers review your case and answer all of your legal questions during a free, confidential consultation.

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I was charged with DWI in Collin County, Texas. I heard that this is a tough place to get a DWI charge defeated. Fortunately, I hired Richard McConathy and Brian Bolton. They took it all the way and won my case. I owe these guys alot. Don't mess with any lawyer that can't compare with these guys. Thank you Richard and Brian.

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