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License Suspension Hearing

Driving while intoxicated can lead to a number of serious consequences and inconveniences. Among those consequences, license suspension is one of the biggest inconveniences for most drivers. Whether your job requires you to have reliable transportation, or whether your vehicle is your family’s only method of transportation, losing your license is an extremely stressful process.

Preserving your driving privileges and maintaining possession of your license can mean the difference between maintaining employment, and losing your job. After being arrested for a DWI, seeking a defense attorney is in your best interest.

Lawyer for License Suspension Hearing in Plano, Texas

If you were involved in a DWI arrest, and are facing license suspension, you need the help of a criminal defense attorney who can work with you towards a positive outcome. At Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy, our attorneys are dedicated to representing our clients both in and out of the courtroom.

Operating out of our Plano office and our Allen office, Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy accepts clients in Frisco, Carrollton, Richardson, and Dallas. Call Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy today at (469) 304-3422 to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys.

Located in Collin County, we also accept clients in surrounding counties such as Rockwall County, Denton County, Grayson County, and Fannin County.

What is an Administrative License Revocation Hearing

After a DWI arrest where your blood alcohol content exceeds 0.08, Texas Statute §521.344 provides that your license will be suspended for a ninety (90) day period. In order to challenge this suspension, you must request an Administrative License Revocation Hearing (ALR hearing).

At an ALR hearing, a driver is given the opportunity to challenge the suspension of his or her license by reviewing the law enforcement officer’s case against you. This review includes determining whether law enforcement was justified in arresting you, whether the results of your sobriety test were reliable, and examining other facts which may have factored into your charges.

Your ALR hearing request must be made within fifteen (15) days of your arrest. After a successful ALR hearing, your driving privileges will be upheld, and your license will not be suspended at this time. In the event that you are denied this hearing, you may request an occupational license at a later date.

An occupational license request is for those individuals who have been denied an ALR hearing, or miss the deadline to request an ALR hearing, but require a reliable means of transportation to complete their work duties.

Additional Resources

Suspension and Offenses Involving Intoxication- Visit the Texas Penal Code website of the Texas State Legislature to find out more about license suspension following a DWI. This website provides information on the duration of license suspension. Also, find more information on related criminal offenses.

Community Traffic Safety- Visit the Plano Texas Police Department website of the Plano Texas Government to find out more about enforcing traffic safety measures in Plano, Texas. This website provides information to educate drivers on the importance of driving safety. Also, find information on Plano’s Click it or Ticket program.

Find an Attorney for License Revocation Hearings in Collin County, Texas

If you live in Plano, Allen, Frisco, Carrollton, Richardson, or Dallas, Texas and were arrested for driving while intoxicated, your driving privileges may be at stake. Call the attorneys at Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy at (469) 304-3422 to get started with a free consultation to protect your driving privileges.

This firm represents clients in Collin County, Denton County, Grayson County, Fannin County, and Rockwall County.   



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